“Carlton” (Fresh Prince) talks about “Aunt viv” CRAZY ass..#Drama..LMAO

by Lexx on December 28, 2011

Lately, we’ve been hearing about the drama surrounding what really happened between Aunty Viv (AKA the first MOM) and the cast members of THE FRESH PRINCE OF BELAIR. Rumor has it that Aunty Viv was fired from the show because of some issues she had with Will SMith….hmmmmm. Well, lets hear what Carlton has to say about that (see video below)

Carlton (AKA tall midget) talks about what really went down. He actually called Aunty viv a  “crazy bitch”…..wow!….. Quite interesting insight except that NOBODY REALLY GIVES A CRAP!!  The show ended like 30yrs ago……..lol…..Next!!! (see video below)

000iiii Will Smith, pick up the fone when i call. I’m still down for golf :)



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