Katt Williams apologises for racist comments made towards mexicans???? O_o

by Lexx on January 15, 2012

Few months ago, Comedian Katt WIlliams got into a verbal altercation with a heckler (that happens to be a Mexican) at one of his stand up comedy shows. The back and forth got really heated that some folks left the show thinking that Katt WIlliams does not like Mexicans. Several activities painted Mr. Williams rants as “borderline Hate speech” and an apology (by someone that claims to be Katt’s publicist) was later released about the said incident.

In the clip below, Mr. Williams decided to take an interview with TJ of CNN to address the issue in its entirety.

"Comics sell uncensored thoughts. We never apologize for jokes"








(click below for interview)


(click below for stand up comedy)



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