Kim Kardashian and Reggie Back together???????

by Lexx on January 10, 2012

Our friends at Bsp stated that they got word from a source close to Kim and Reggie that the estranged couple have been talking a lot lately and there IS a possibility of a big reunion! Despite reports that Reggie would never take Kim back, our insider says that Reggie would love to be back with Kim and vice versa, but the two are taking their time and working on their friendship before they decide to jump back in the saddle, or the sack.

Other outlets have claimed that Kim’s quest to be richer and more famous was the main factor that drove the two love birds apart, but we are told that this is also UNTRUE. Our source firmly states that Reggie was in full support of Kim advancing herself through her brand and creating other opportunities as a businesswoman.

From what we are told Reggie and Kim never stopped loving each other, but neither were in a place in their lives where they could fully commit to moving forward in the relationship. Maybe Reggie needed to entertain a few hoes and Kim needed to be married to the wrong man for them to realize what they had in each other”

SOurce – Bsp

I’m not sure what to make of this but it seems like Reggie might be the only negro that can handle Kim the way she needs to be handled. ….*yawns in creole*… somebody pass ‘em onion burgers please….  :)

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